Friday, January 22, 2010

Next US President? China, Inc.


Every American needs to read the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United vs FEC.

It explicitly gives corporations free speech rights, including in electioneering, right up to election day.   A candidate's official campaign remains regulated and restricted, but any "independent" campaigning on any candidate is now unlimited.  

A constitutional amendment is now required to restore elections to a regulated activity.

Nothing in the decision limits this right to US-based or US-owned corporations.   As of today, China, Inc., or Europe's Airbus, or Russia's Gazprom can now produce and run election ads in America, to try to determine US elections.  

If anyone thought US liberals/progressives were dangerous, SCOTUS has unleashed foreign influence without any legal restriction.  Before, foreign interests had to influence elections secretly.  Now they don't even need a fig leaf.  

For an idea of what mayhem foreign organizations could cause in America, see:  
How Vladimir Putin Selected Obama:

Today, America has ceased being a democracy, ceased being a republic. and is now an indirect multinational plutocracy.   Thanks to the Supreme Court's "Gang of Five," rule by multinational corporations is now enshrined in our Constitution.

Heaven help us.

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Anonymous said...

With this in mind, it makes one question those in favor of this Supreme Court decision and who are expected to uphold the Constitution of the United States are actually fighting against it.