Thursday, June 28, 2007

Chat with William A. K. O.

madamedon4u24 is online 06/28/2007 05:30 PM:
SteveMDFP: hello
madamedon4u24: Good day
SteveMDFP: g'day
madamedon4u24: am William A.K.O
madamedon4u24: sir
SteveMDFP: yes
madamedon4u24: where are you from
SteveMDFP: It's on my profile.
madamedon4u24: well sir do you have yahoo ID
SteveMDFP: yes
madamedon4u24: am on yahoo
madamedon4u24: this is not my ID
madamedon4u24: can we please meet there
SteveMDFP: sorry, no
madamedon4u24: well i would like to discuss something better with you
madamedon4u24: please
SteveMDFP: here is fine
madamedon4u24: but is not my ID
SteveMDFP: that's OK
SteveMDFP: i understand
madamedon4u24: am not a member of myspace
madamedon4u24: ok
SteveMDFP: why approach someone here, then?
madamedon4u24: well we can take a shout time here but the person here is waiting to use his ID
madamedon4u24: my is the next system
SteveMDFP: well, good luck, then.
madamedon4u24: that's why i say let's chat on yahoo before
SteveMDFP: you can find other people there, then.
madamedon4u24: is ok
madamedon4u24: well am WILLIAM A.K.O, am 20 years old from Sudan but am not in Sudan again
madamedon4u24: am in Ghana Refugee Camp
madamedon4u24: looking for assist
madamedon4u24: i meaning someone who can help me out of African with my small box of money with 24 kilo of Gold
SteveMDFP: hmm...that shouldn't be hard.
SteveMDFP: So, how is Accra today? And is that a UN-run camp?
madamedon4u24: the refugee camp in West Legon
madamedon4u24: you there
SteveMDFP: yes
madamedon4u24: do you know Accra
madamedon4u24: very well
madamedon4u24: please talk to me
madamedon4u24: i have know much time here
madamedon4u24: sir are you there
madamedon4u24: am waiting to heart from you
SteveMDFP: I'm here.
SteveMDFP: I've chatted with many from Accra.
madamedon4u24: that good
madamedon4u24: but for me i came last 3 weeks
SteveMDFP: Oddly, they all were liars, wanted my help financially, never told the truth. Seems to be a major industry there.
madamedon4u24: well for me i dont know of that
SteveMDFP: Are you looking forward to burning in hell?
SteveMDFP: For lying and preying on people's charity?
SteveMDFP: You should be ashamed of yourself.
madamedon4u24: there is know way i can burn in hell
SteveMDFP: lying, cheating...I think you will.
madamedon4u24: because i believe in God
madamedon4u24: so i will not
SteveMDFP: so you claim. Then why do you lie, cheat, and steal?
madamedon4u24: i just only want to know if you can help me or not
madamedon4u24: am not here for steeling
SteveMDFP: It would not be helping you to let you cheat me.
SteveMDFP: Yes you are.
madamedon4u24: and am not lieing?
madamedon4u24: fine
SteveMDFP: You are not from Sudan, you are not in a refugee camp, and you have no gold.
madamedon4u24: i dont think you can help me
madamedon4u24: fine
SteveMDFP: God might help you.
madamedon4u24: what make you think so
SteveMDFP: If you repent.
madamedon4u24: yes he will help me out
SteveMDFP: You're just like all the other scam artists from Accra who prey on well-meaning people.
SteveMDFP: You should be ashamed of yourself.
SteveMDFP: You should get an honest job.
SteveMDFP: Thief.
madamedon4u24: please know time for all this
madamedon4u24: talk to me well
madamedon4u24: or not
SteveMDFP: too many other people to cheat?
madamedon4u24: if you can help me inform or not
SteveMDFP: I can help. But not the way you're asking.
madamedon4u24: if you have the police number why dont you call them to verify for you
SteveMDFP: which police?
madamedon4u24: i have all my document with me here
madamedon4u24: police in Ghana
madamedon4u24: polic
madamedon4u24: can you call to them
SteveMDFP: you haven't committed a crime with me yet. Lies are not crimes.
SteveMDFP: Now, those who may have sent you money, you've defrauded them. That's a crime.
madamedon4u24: kw
madamedon4u24: you made mistake there
madamedon4u24: i say call the polic to see what i have here
madamedon4u24: if is it or t
SteveMDFP: They should be busy arresting criminals. As far as I know for sure, you've only been attempting to commit a crime.
madamedon4u24: you kw what
SteveMDFP: I wouldn't ask them to take up there time with something like this. I have too much respect for the police.
SteveMDFP: their
madamedon4u24: seeing is believe but t seeing is t believe
SteveMDFP: If you have kilos of gold, you need no help from a stranger in the US.
madamedon4u24: i have kw time to weste in Ghana before my father people come to get me here and get my fund from me
madamedon4u24: but am t in US
SteveMDFP: exactly.
madamedon4u24: i just need a way to go there
SteveMDFP: why?
SteveMDFP: do you have an entry visa?
madamedon4u24: but w that i dont have anyone there i can't just going there with anyone assist
SteveMDFP: I can't give you visa.
madamedon4u24: i will buy visa
SteveMDFP: They are not for sale. You have to apply at a consulate or embassy.
madamedon4u24: if i have the visa i can get the ticket my self
SteveMDFP: Yes, that's correct.
madamedon4u24: is just for me to go and get my international passport
SteveMDFP: Yes, that's correct.
SteveMDFP: Passport, visa, and ticket, and you can go anyplace you like.
madamedon4u24: my problem is who we help me recieve my fund there before i will arriver there
SteveMDFP: I'd recommend selling the gold there and getting traveller's checks.
madamedon4u24: sell the Gold here in Ghana
SteveMDFP: enough to buy passage, anyway, sure.
SteveMDFP: See? I'm helping you solve your problems.
madamedon4u24: the Gold is t my problem and the small box? i will make arrangement for diplomatic to take it there
SteveMDFP: You have diplomatic contacts? Perhaps you can help me.
madamedon4u24: here in the Refugee camp
madamedon4u24: help you?
SteveMDFP: Maybe a job. I always wanted to be a diplomat.
madamedon4u24: the diplomat who want to help me is a GENERAL
SteveMDFP: You have more money and better contacts than I do. I don't think you need my help.
madamedon4u24: his name is Mr. General Kashmir Koffi
SteveMDFP: But if you can spare a few ounces of gold, that would be nice.
madamedon4u24: the only help i need is for someone to recieve the fund for me
SteveMDFP: Oh. Sorry, I wouldn't be able to do that.
madamedon4u24: that is all
madamedon4u24: for me
SteveMDFP: well, good luck.
madamedon4u24: i will make all the arrangnment for the fund to live why i go back to my country to get my international passport and get the visa and live
SteveMDFP: I know how hard it can be to find someone who will take money.
madamedon4u24: who will talk to the Refugee camp for me as a father
SteveMDFP: ah, to pretend to be your father?
madamedon4u24: the person will get %30
madamedon4u24: yes
SteveMDFP: Oh. I'm sorry, I don't lie.
madamedon4u24: kw this is t lie
madamedon4u24: my father is dead
SteveMDFP: then why would the refugee camp need to talk to a dead man?
madamedon4u24: someone who will say that is going to take good care of me as a father
SteveMDFP: how old are you?
madamedon4u24: and my fund
madamedon4u24: am 20 years old
madamedon4u24: well sir
SteveMDFP: an adult then.
madamedon4u24: i think i have to live w
SteveMDFP: you need no guardian.
madamedon4u24: wow
SteveMDFP: you don't want my help?
madamedon4u24: like i say i have to live w
SteveMDFP: living is a good thing.
madamedon4u24: you say you cant help me
SteveMDFP: Oh, just not with what you're asking for.
SteveMDFP: I couldn't take your gold.
madamedon4u24: see i cry all day searching for someone to help me
SteveMDFP: And I don't think I look very much like your deceased father.
SteveMDFP: I understand. Nobody wants to take gold these days.
madamedon4u24: you are t taking the Gold
madamedon4u24: but only to recieve the fund for me that is all
madamedon4u24: i will come to there to meet the person my self
SteveMDFP: Ah. you have funds other than the gold
SteveMDFP: ?
madamedon4u24: and get it back
madamedon4u24: the money and the Gold
madamedon4u24: that is all
SteveMDFP: What guarantee are you asking for, to make sure the person gives it back to you?
madamedon4u24: the person who will receive the fund for me, will send his international passport copy to me and his full house address and the name
madamedon4u24: and i will send he the copy of my fund document to he? for he to get the fund from the diplomatic who is coming to his country
SteveMDFP: It would make more sense to put it in a bank account there. You can wire funds out securely, whenever you like.
SteveMDFP: See? You need my help.
madamedon4u24: is t easy in African here to deposit money at my age
madamedon4u24: we are talking about $2 million Dollar here
SteveMDFP: Ah! How did you end up in a refugee camp if you have 2 million dollars on hand?
madamedon4u24: the money is in box
madamedon4u24: t hand
madamedon4u24: they look like my close i put on
SteveMDFP: right. "on hand" is an expression. it means "readily available"
madamedon4u24: but kw one kw's what is inside the box
SteveMDFP: I'd suggest you take some of that money, and get yourself a hotel room for awhile. Get some nice clothes, a good meal, and open up a bank account there.
madamedon4u24: t in Ghana
madamedon4u24: my father told me t to use this money in African
madamedon4u24: he told me that the black can kill you for money
SteveMDFP: Right. Don't flash around 2 million dollars. Start with smaller amounts.
madamedon4u24: well i think i have to live w
SteveMDFP: I understand.
madamedon4u24: if you will help me get the fund please send me your information
madamedon4u24: here is my email address
madamedon4u24: thanks
SteveMDFP: Good luck with this terrible problem. I understand how hard it can be to dispose of millions of dollars in cash and gold.
madamedon4u24: thank you
madamedon4u24: bye
SteveMDFP: bye

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