Sunday, June 10, 2007

Announcement: Addiction-L Google Group

Some months ago, I started thinking that the Addict-L e-mail

discussion list needed a web-based alternative. Many people are

finding their e-mail in-boxes to be bloated, spam-infested, and a

daily chore of shifting wheat from chaff. That is, we could benefit from

reading that list with a browser, rather than have those messages

compete with viagra ads in the in-box.

This may be a good time to invite List members to the site, as a sort
of vacation home for Addict-L devotees. My hope would be that the
site might become a read-only subscriber to the suspended list when it
re-emerges. During the List's hiatus, however, this Group can serve as an

As Group Owner, I will be pretty heavy-handed with banning those who
are not civil. I have a zero-tolerance approach to ad hominem
attacks. Otherwise, let the ideas fly. Check it out, and join, if
you like:

To submit contributions, you don't have to navigate to the page, you can just send e-mail to:


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